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Consulting in building integrated solar technologies

For a long time, photovoltaic panels have been considered as expensive technical elements, unsightly and difficult to integrate into architecture.

The last few years have witnessed a reduction in photovoltaic costs and the emergence of many products based on different technologies, offering a large variety of design and integration options.

Currently applicable to almost every part of the building envelope, these BIPV elements (Building Integrated Photovoltaics), energetically and environmentally beneficial, can also, contrary to popular belief, be of economic interest.


Faced with a diversified offer, in constant evolution and a little accessible information, it is not always easy for you, individual or construction professional, to find the most suitable solution for your project.

This is all the more true since the success of a BIPV project is achieved by reaching a compromise between the optimal operation conditions of the photovoltaic system, the architectural context, the economic considerations and the regulatory requirements in terms of construction.

We put our knowledge and experience at your service to:

  • guide you in the search, identification and selection of existing aesthetic and efficient solutions, in respect with the standards in force and allocated budgets,
  • help you design and develop your own custom and / or coloured BIPV solutions,
  • assist you in the implementation of these solutions.


We advise you from the first sketch to the achievement of your project, for one or more stages, whether it is the realization of a new building or a renovation.

Requirements definition

Feasibility study

Identification and selection of existing solutions

Design and development of customized solutions

Energy simulation and evaluation of return on investment

Study of regulatory aspects

Applications for authorization and subsidies

Planning, coordination, project management

Research & development

We also assist solar professionals, within the framework of mandates or research projects.

Development of innovative BIPV solutions

Improvement of existing products

Patents, certifications

Areas of expertise: plasma processes, thin film coatings, antireflective, satin and/or coloured solar glass.

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